Nevada Alumni Council


2014 - 2015 Executive Committee


Matt Clafton '93

Nick Butler ‘02

Ty Windfeldt '01
Past President
Mike McDowell '03
Vice President for
Chapter Development 

Amy Ozuna '08
Vice President for
Community Outreach
Mary-Ann K. Brown ' 85, '96 M.S.
Vice President for
Marketing and Membership 
Joe Nannini '00, '10 Ed.S.
Vice President for
Student Outreach


2014 - 2015 Board Members

Gary Aldax '92

Derek Beenfeldt '93, '11 M.D.

RJ Boyajian (GSA President) Delores Clewe '69
Peter Costa '84, '88MD Tim Crowley ‘92
Matthew Forman '06 Michael Hix '89
Doug Knuth* (Athletics Director) Kris Layman '93
Trevor Macaluso '11 Megan May '05, '07, '13MBA
Chrissy Menicucci '86 Deborah Pierce '86
Jake Pereira (ASUN President)
Brad Platt ' 00
Victor Sherbondy '95, '00 David Pressler ‘82
Mary Simmons '78 (Foundation Chair)* Tim Suiter ‘91
Jack Sutton '70 Jocelyn Weart '00
Chul Yim '04  

*Indiciates ex officio member


General Information


The Nevada Alumni Council is comprised of 27 alumni volunteers, the Associated Students of the University of Nevada President, the Graduate Student Association President, the Athletics Director (ex officio) and Chairman of the Foundation Board of Trustees or his/her representative (ex officio).

Each Alumni Council member is eligible to serve two consecutive three-year terms.


Board Requirements


Nevada Alumni Council members are required to be dues paying members of the Nevada Alumni Association, participate on one of four priority task forces (Chapter Development, Community Outreach, Marketing and Membership or Student Outreach) as well as sign the Member Partnership Agreement.



Nomination Information


The annual deadline for nominations is August 1st. All nominees and the slate of new officers for the upcoming year are presented by the Nominations Committee to the full Alumni Council at the Homecoming meeting for approval.

Click here to submit a nomination form online.